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Welcome! to JG MEDI-TAG
Your Medical Jewelry Source

About Us

When you need to wear a piece of medical jewelry, make it a JG MEDI-TAG.

We're your Professional Medical Jewelry Source! Our business IS medical jewelry. We do not offer it as a sideline, it is our only business. Our expertise makes your medical jewelry effective.

We offer a large selection of affordable, comfortable, attractive and EFFECTIVE medical jewelry.

We have many styles in sterling silver. 14K gold is available but must be special ordered. Limited styles are available in gold-filled. Gold-filled items are not recommended because medical jewelry is meant to be worn at all times, and gold-filled jewelry does not hold up well under constant wear. Our gold-filled pieces are made with a sterling silver base, and will wear well, though all jewelry "wears" and eventually the gold will wear off, leaving you with a piece of sterling silver jewelry.

We have added a line of stainless steel medical jewelry to our line.

We will fit your jewelry properly, and ask the questions which will ensure that all your emergency-essential medical information is engraved on the jewelry legibly and concisely.

Our most important commodity is our expertise. We do NOT sell anything but medical jewelry. We are not a hospital supply house with hundreds of lines. Our only business is medical jewelry. Our expertise can save your life.

JG Medi-Tag
2303 29th St. SW
Allentown, PA
Phone/Fax: 610-797-2019
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